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  • Always Tired?

    Getting deep, restorative sleep is a concern if you are always tired. Did you know that digestion can affect your ability to achieve a calm and restful sleep?

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  • Busy Life?

    If you are unable to handle the demands of a busy schedule, there may be other factors that need to be considered?

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  • Weight Issues?

    Having a hard time maintaining your ideal weight?

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  • Eating Healthy?

    Eating healthy means consuming more wholesome foods, free of additives, preservatives, pesticides, hormones and GMO’s.

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  • Mental Focus?

    Stress, insomnia, what we eat, are all known factors that affect mental focus. Protein helps with alertness, and high sugar intake can impair attention span.

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  • Good Genetics?

    We are learning more everyday about the role our genes have in our health and development of disease.

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  • Need Guidence?

    Everyone offers nutrition and advice/coaching.

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  • Got a Plan?

    “The more comfortable the change the more permanent the results”… That is my plan for everyone.

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Vegetarian Lentil Soup

admin - May 18, 2015

Everyone should have lentils in their cupboard.  They are one of the easiest foods to prepare and chalked full of minerals, b vitamins, protein and fiber!  One cup provides over 15 grams of fiber and less than 250 calories.  Lentils contain both soluble fiber good for lowering blood sugar and cholesterol as well as insoluble […]

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