Net Nutritionist

Supplement Orders & Refills

Nutritional Supplements are often indicated as a temporary treatment or as a part of your total health. Net Nutritionist offers patient discounts on high quality nutritional supplements.  We use two different dispensaries to provide you with a broad line of quality products to choose from.  Wellevate and Natural Partners.

Supplement or refill orders may be submitted by phone, email, or by placing your order online.  Many of our products are customized or require special orders.  Please allow 48 hours to fill your request.

When calling or emailing, please let us know what products you would like to refill (brand name, product name, and quantity) so that we may accurately refill your supplements.


To order online from Wellevate please select “Wellevate” and follow the link to sign up and place your order. If this is your first time using this service, you will be guided to set up an account.  Once you complete your account set up you be able to order directly from the website for future orders.   You can  search the website for products from the search bar at the top of the page. Please call the office if you have any questions.

Natural Partners

To order online from Natural Partners please  select “Net Nutritionist NP” and follow the link to place your order directly through Natural Partners.  You will go to the landing page and create account with the code 9711.  Once your account is established you can go directly to to login and make your orders.  You may also choose to call and get your account set up over the phone at (888) 950-2767.

Please note: Some products are not available to refill online.  Contact Net Nutritionist to receive instructions for special orders.

Microbiome Labs

We are now offering Microbiome Labs products.
MegaSporeBiotic™ is a spore form pharmaceutical-grade probiotic supplement that contains Bacillus Indicus HU36™, a patented probiotic strain that produces antioxidants in the gut.  Other products are also available. Follow the link to complete the application and your login and password.  Microbiome Labs will fulfill your order and ship it right to your door.  Email me or call for the patient direct code.