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Everyone offers nutrition and advice/coaching.  Sometimes it can get overwhelming and more often than not, Madison Avenue, talk shows, and infomercials play a far too significant role in deciding what we eat and why we eat it.  Learn the best way to achieve your goals…based on your unique needs.


Unrivaled as a counselor

I have worked with Gay for 23 years.  Her experience, knowledge and science background combined with genuine caring and passion make her unrivaled as a counselor. I am healthy and enthusiastic as a result of her encouragement.

~With gratitude, EB (dentist)

Gay always seems to make things easy and doable rather than restrictive….

I starting working with Gay Riley over 10 years ago when I was twenty-something and now I am married with children. Gay has helped me through so many phases of my nutritional needs. As an athlete with an eating disorder, to weight loss with depression, to pregnancy, with family needs as a working mother. She has remained my expert over the years to help me adjust my food, exercise and nutrition needs to my life. Gay always seems to make things easy and doable rather than restrictive. I guess that is why I keep going back to her.

~Marilyn, Mom and CFO

She put together a diet plan that is easy for me to follow, and DOABLE…

I have recommended Gay to so many people I know! She put together a diet plan that is easy for me to follow, and DOABLE. The meetings with her are imminently helpful. Not only were you encouraging (yes, sometimes you can have that scoop of fudge ice cream) but extremely informative. I learned a lot about shifting my eating habits permanently. Helping me understand the exchange list was so helpful. I feel in control!

~Susan Kelly, Client

Gay Riley saved my life!…

Gay Riley saved my life!

I met Gay about 5 years ago. She was the first person I confided in when I was finally ready to admit I had an eating disorder. When we first met I was very ill and everything was out of perspective for me. I was 5’4″ and had gotten down to 89 lbs. I had anorexia and realize now that I had struggled with it for many years prior without even knowing it.

Gay put me in the right direction, gave me advice on nutrition but also told me to seek medical advice and counseling which I did. There is a long hard story between then and now, but the good news is that my anorexia is now under control. I weigh 122 lbs. today and feel very good about the way I look. I am not obsessed about what I eat. I have a very healthy diet and an exercise routine, which consists of weight training and walking.

I have seen Gay or talked to her about every 6 months since we first met just to make sure that I am on track, and she is always available for questions and support.

Doctors told me for years that I would never be able to have children without infertility treatment. I have just found out that I am pregnant, and my husband and I are ecstatic about it. What a miracle!

I truly believe with Gay’s guidance and advice and of course the grace of God that my life was able to be turned around. If you are looking for a nutritionist I would feel 110% comfortable about recommending Gay. She is AWESOME!”

~Judy, Dallas

I am a 58 year old woman, down 35 pounds, fitter than I have ever been, and full of energy….

I emailed Gay from Chicago with some personal nutrition questions about menopause, weight gain, and mid-life. Rather than write me a long email, she picked up the phone and called me. She seemed genuinely concerned in me and the suggestions she had made sense to me . I have to say that I was a bit skeptical to get this call out of the blue in response to my troubled email. However, Gay was not a hard sale and did not ask for anything. Months later she sent out an email to people about the bodybugg. I called and have been working with her every since. About 3 years now. I am a 58 year old woman, down 35 pounds, fitter than I have ever been, and full of energy. I attribute it to that email and that call from Gay but she will say it was my hard work. Maybe both.

~June, Chicago